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Kilbrin has strong roots in Irish Whiskey tradition, bringing you the finest quality liquid gold from the Emerald Isle.

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The story behind Kilbrin Irish Whiskey

Following the traditions laid by the world’s first distillers, the Irish Monks of the Middle Ages, our Whiskies are curated using the highest-quality Irish water and a blend of malted and un-malted barley, gaining its treasured golden hue from maturation in time-honoured wooden casks.

Our long-established, proud heritage of distillation culminates in deep, delicious flavours, complexity and a smooth finish that is quintessentially Irish.

The Birth of Irish Tradition

Long treasured as the world’s first and finest Whiskey and wrapped in magical tradition and folklore, Irish Whiskey originated in the monasteries of Ireland in the Middle Ages. The monks who first distilled the spirit regarded it as a medicine, earnestly naming it “The Water of Life” or “Uisce Beatha” in the native tongue of the Emerald Isle. The liquid gold created in the Irish monasteries gave birth to time-honoured traditions of Irish hospitality and a now global spirit symbolic of its birthplace. There is something extra-special about Irish Whiskey in its many varieties and we are passionate about carrying forth the traditions created in the monasteries.

Much like the old Irish folklore of buried gold that inspired our name, we believe Irish Whiskey is a treasure to be shared in celebration with family and friends and an essential part of hospitality.

From our home to yours, enjoy the taste of Ireland.

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